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Patriotism Essay

Friday, 9 January 2015

Patriotism is love of the person for one’s own country. It is the feeling that is present in us by birth. We love the land in which we are born and continue to love it no matter where we go.

Patriotism is a forever feeling that lasts throughout the life. It gives great force to the man to serve his country. It is the love that bound us to our land and whenever there is any adverse condition, it is the will that makes us stand together and provides us hope. Every person knows that country is the identity. In the world, people know us for where we live.

Patriotism is the good will for the place we called homeland. Arm forces’ personnel, government servants, private employers and every citizen of the country work hard day and night to build their nation; patriotism is a fuel that powers them all.

To be free in the land is the great blessing and we all must enjoy our freedom by being true to our country, by being patriotic. 

Patriotism Free Essay, Paragraph on Patriotism. 

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