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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Essay

Friday, 9 January 2015

Computers have revolutionized our world. Now modern concept of living is incomplete without internet and computer use. Not only official lives but personal lives of people have been affected greatly by them.

Internet has now become the major source of communication and getting information. Numerous websites and e-books are available online from where people can study about every aspect of life. Through social media, connecting with friends and family living far away has become easy. Not only information but it is also a major provider of entertainment now. Movies, Music etc all are present online.

When a thing has so many advantages, it also necessarily has few disadvantages. The over-excessive use of internet produces negative impact on a person. As all the things are just a click away, if not used properly, it can be a greater way to waste time. 

Getting advantage from this blessing is entirely on the person’s hand. One who uses it with care can enjoy great many benefits and one who just wastes time here is getting disadvantages only.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Free Essay, Advantages and Disadvantages of using Internet Essay

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