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How to Write an Essay

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

An essay is structured piece of writing; it is mainly about the single topic.

There are three parts of any essay:

  • The Introduction
  • The Body
  • The Conclusion

Among these three, introduction and the conclusion show what’s essay is all about and the body has all the details.

The Introduction:

It is the part of an essay which tells about the topic of the essay. It is the part that gives a map of the easy as a whole. It is the first paragraph but in essays of 2000 or more words it can be extended to two paragraphs. 

To write the essay introduction, check what’s the topic is about and explains how you perceive that topic.

The Body:

Body is the part that has all the information related to the essay. It is the part that is present between introduction and conclusion. 

To write the essay body, you are not restricted. You can write about the topic as much as you like and can take it to diverse paragraphs.

The Conclusion:

This is the final paragraph of the essay. To write the essay conclusion, you summarize all the details together. 

Flood Problem Essay

Friday, 9 January 2015

Floods are common in Pakistan as it is the land of fine rivers. In the monsoon season, heavy rains along with melting of snow become major cause of flood in the region. Punjab and Sindh get affected by flood chiefly.

Flood is a natural calamity and brings destruction to human life. It damages properties, farms, etc., of thousands of people living near river banks. During the last decade, floods become more frequent. They destroy whole villages and kill hundreds of people and animals.

Roads are the major mean of transport, they also get badly affected. Army always manages to support and help the victims. People also make donations on large scale but that is not enough. It has now become the problem of every year almost and government should make plans to stop this natural disaster. Dams should be made and different means must be followed to transport the water in the areas where famine is common. We can turn this menace into blessing if we want but we have to work hard for that. 

Flood Problems in Pakistan Essay, Paragraph on Flood Problems in Pakistan

Role of a Student in Society Essay

Everybody has special rights and responsibilities and it is necessary that we must carry out these duties honestly. Students also have special part in the society. They are young, energetic and smart, so they can easily achieve a lot and can do many things for the society.

The foremost duty of the students is to study hard. This first duty is not only beneficial for them but also for whole society, as it can help them to serve the country in the future as a professional. They must not involve in politics and other ill activities.

It is the responsibility of the students to keep their surrounding neat and clean and to teach others to do the same. They must take part in social welfare programs and utilize their energy in helping others.  Students must follow all the rules and regulation of a school and country. The must respect their teachers and elders. A good student is an asset who helps to build a strong nation. 

Role of a Student in Society Free Essay, Duties of a Student Essay. 

Role of Newspaper Essay

News and magazines play important role in a national life. They continue news as well as views. They are necessary not only to know what is happening in the country but also to know what is going around the world.

In past, we had only few newspapers; but now, we have numerous newspapers and magazines. They are in English and in Urdu. There are also newspapers that are published in the native regional language. Reading a newspaper everyday is a good habit as you will get the knowingness of the surroundings and also your general knowledge improves.

Newspapers keep check on government and report about social issues like poverty, ignorance, injustice etc. In one way, it is also a platform to share public opinions.

Not only reporting, but newspapers are also a major mean of education. It has information that is beneficial to industrialists, traders, businessmen and also students. Press is renowned as 4th house of the parliament because of the things it does.

Role of Newspaper Short Essay, Essay on Newspaper

My Hobby Essay

Hobby is the way of passing spare time. Hobby of the person is dependent on his will. Reading, gardening, photography and music listening are some common and famous hobbies.

A hobby of one can be a profession of others like photography or painting. People also earn through their hobby. My hobby is Gardening I have been doing it for years.

I love nature and it is my best way to stay close to it. I like to add new plants in my garden often. I have vegetables, fruits and flowers in my garden. In flowers, I have jasmine and roses of many colors. I have recently added tulips also. I have plants of tomato, chili, lemon, mango and banana in my garden.

Plants are known as the lungs of the earth and they keep the environment clean. My hobby is beneficial to the environment too. We not only get fresh vegetables and fruits but also enjoy fresh air.

I have adopted this hobby because people say gardening gives you peace of mind when I practiced it have come to know that they said the truth. 

My Hobby Short Essay, Free Essay on My Hobby, Paragraph on My Hobby

Importance of Female Education Essay

Education is the right of every human; it is the basic necessity and no country can progress without adopting modern educational system. It is the shield against ignorance which is the greatest enemy of man. 

It is necessary that every male and female of the country must know how to read and write. In our country, only few women can do this job. Mostly, women living in cities are the ones who go to school colleges and universities and in village they hardly complete primary school which is an alarming condition.

The four major roles play by the women in society are: daughter, sister, wife and mother. An educated mother can up bring children better than uneducated mother as she knows the importance of education 

An educated female is a great asset to her family and nation. She is dutiful, bold and cultured. She fights hardships of in much better way than the uneducated female. Our government must devise ways so that every women living in the country can enjoy being educated and in turn, this act can help the society in many ways.  

Importance of Female Education Free Essay , Importance of Education of Female Free Essay   

Patriotism Essay

Patriotism is love of the person for one’s own country. It is the feeling that is present in us by birth. We love the land in which we are born and continue to love it no matter where we go.

Patriotism is a forever feeling that lasts throughout the life. It gives great force to the man to serve his country. It is the love that bound us to our land and whenever there is any adverse condition, it is the will that makes us stand together and provides us hope. Every person knows that country is the identity. In the world, people know us for where we live.

Patriotism is the good will for the place we called homeland. Arm forces’ personnel, government servants, private employers and every citizen of the country work hard day and night to build their nation; patriotism is a fuel that powers them all.

To be free in the land is the great blessing and we all must enjoy our freedom by being true to our country, by being patriotic. 

Patriotism Free Essay, Paragraph on Patriotism. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Essay

Computers have revolutionized our world. Now modern concept of living is incomplete without internet and computer use. Not only official lives but personal lives of people have been affected greatly by them.

Internet has now become the major source of communication and getting information. Numerous websites and e-books are available online from where people can study about every aspect of life. Through social media, connecting with friends and family living far away has become easy. Not only information but it is also a major provider of entertainment now. Movies, Music etc all are present online.

When a thing has so many advantages, it also necessarily has few disadvantages. The over-excessive use of internet produces negative impact on a person. As all the things are just a click away, if not used properly, it can be a greater way to waste time. 

Getting advantage from this blessing is entirely on the person’s hand. One who uses it with care can enjoy great many benefits and one who just wastes time here is getting disadvantages only.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Free Essay, Advantages and Disadvantages of using Internet Essay

An Interesting Cricket Match Essay

Thursday, 8 January 2015

In Pakistan, cricket is the most popular game. National team of Pakistan is among the top team of the world. Large amount of people including children and women watch cricket matches.

One of the most interesting matches of my life was when our school team played the inter-school final. On November 1, our school team played the final with last’s year interschool champion team. We all were very exciting. Our team won the toss and our captain elected to bat first. The weather was cloudy that day. At around 10 pm, the match started. Our team played and scored 180 in 20 overs. It was a good innings and amazing to watch.

The second innings started after lunch. The rival team’s openers were great and scored 120 in the start. We all thought that we would definitely loss the match but turning point came when one of our fast bowler took the wicket of the opener and that was the point we headed towards victory. After that, every player contributed single digit score and their whole team was out at the 160.

It was a great victory to enjoy. Large numbers of spectators had also enjoyed the match. We celebrated our win with great fun.

An Interesting cricket Match Free Essay, Free Essay on An Interesting cricket Match, Essay on The Best Match of my Life

A Good Student Essay

Student is a person who learns and for this purpose, he visits schools, colleges, universities and other institutes. A person’s life is a big school itself on which we learn at every step. 

Every student is not same. Some follow all the rules while some don’t want to study and some waste their entire time in playing. School time is the period where character of a person builds. Students who are good in this period, do best in the future and who are dull, find it hard to establish in life.

The foremost duty of a good student is to study and work hard. An ideal student also manages playing with the study to stay healthy and fit. He goes to school daily and always remains punctual. He takes all his lessons quietly. He is the obedient student who respects teachers and elders. He is also good with his class fellows and his juniors. 

An ideal student considers book as his best friend. He is hard working and honest. He co-operates with others. He never uses unfair means to pass his exam. A good student is the good citizen of the future on which a nation can be proud. A good student is the one who balances his studies with sports and extra-curricular activities and tries to be the best in all.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”


Duties of a Good Student Essay, Free Essay on A Good Student 

Time Not Spent in Studying is the Time Wasted Essay

Time is the money that once lost cannot be regained. A student is a person who is studying and time is the most precious thing he owns. It is said that “Time not spent in studying is time wasted,” but I think sports and entertainment is also important along with the studies.

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” 

Playing is as important as studying for a student because it gives mental peace and provides strength and good health to the body.

Time is wasted only when there is only playing and no studying; so, it is necessary for a student to make a good use of the day. A student must divide the time of playing and studying.

The morning time is best studying time because at that time, mind is fresh and calm. As the day passes, brain also tires along with the body. A student must set morning time for studying and evening time for playing. 

So a time not spent in studying is not the time wasted, if it is used in playing and other extra-curricular activities that are constructive for mind.

How Can We Maintain Our Health? Essay

Health is wealth everybody knows, but achieving this wealth is not easy. Having good health can help us in every aspect of life. A healthy person can practice good citizenship, enjoy studies, work efficiently, and above all he can enjoy life.

Maintaining good health requires adaptation of few good practices and leaving some bad ones. The foremost thing necessary to maintain a hale and hearty life is to eat healthy. Eating healthy includes adding fruits and vegetable in diet, leaving junk food, eating home-made food and drinking lots of water. Along with healthy eating, maintaining good hygiene and including exercise in daily routine is essential.  Walking whenever possible is also a good form of exercise.

Maintaining sleeping hours is also important for getting good health. Everyone must have sound sleep of seven to eight hours daily to improve the brain functioning. Taking daily baths, washing hands before and after meals, going to a picnic, wearing tidy clothes, taking routine medical checkups, going to dentist for proper oral health are few of the other things that can help to maintain good health.

Health is Wealth Essay Free, Free Essay on How Can We Maintain Our Health, Free Essay Health is Wealth.

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