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How Can We Maintain Our Health? Essay

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Health is wealth everybody knows, but achieving this wealth is not easy. Having good health can help us in every aspect of life. A healthy person can practice good citizenship, enjoy studies, work efficiently, and above all he can enjoy life.

Maintaining good health requires adaptation of few good practices and leaving some bad ones. The foremost thing necessary to maintain a hale and hearty life is to eat healthy. Eating healthy includes adding fruits and vegetable in diet, leaving junk food, eating home-made food and drinking lots of water. Along with healthy eating, maintaining good hygiene and including exercise in daily routine is essential.  Walking whenever possible is also a good form of exercise.

Maintaining sleeping hours is also important for getting good health. Everyone must have sound sleep of seven to eight hours daily to improve the brain functioning. Taking daily baths, washing hands before and after meals, going to a picnic, wearing tidy clothes, taking routine medical checkups, going to dentist for proper oral health are few of the other things that can help to maintain good health.

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