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A visit to Sea side/ A picnic

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Last Weekend, my cousins visited my home. At Sunday morning, we planned to go to Hawke’s Bay. It is a sandy beach located 20km South West of Karachi. At about 10 a.m., with our parents, we left for the beach. We enjoyed the journey a lot. We bought food and drinks from the way. 

When we reached the beach, Sun was high in the sky.  We hired a beautiful hut there. Our elders settled in the hut and after enjoying juices, we went to the sea. Water was warm and cozy and waves were not harsh. For an hour, we stayed in it and enjoy the waves softly hitting our bodies.  After that my cousin suggested to play Volley Ball. We were still playing when my mother called us to have lunch. After lunch we went back to sea and only came out when it was time to leave for home at sunset.

Sun was looking beautiful at evening, it was giving golden color to waves and it seemed like the sea was made of gold. With the cherish memories of the day and tired bodies, we all went to home. It was a great day, full of fun and joy.


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